In just 3 weeks since the registration session opened for the multidisciplinary UNFINISHED festival, over a thousand people from all around the world have applied. Curious individuals from Nigeria, Brazil, Finland, UK, France, and Romania have completed the access form - - without knowing what the lineup looks like and what is happening in this year's edition. They were guided solely by the experiences of the past years and by their desire to be part of a global community of completely different individuals whose superpower is the ability to listen to different, sometimes opposing opinions, from seemingly unrelated fields, and generate innovative ideas from their intersection.

UNFINISHED 2022Foto: Unfinished

The multidisciplinary UNFINISHED Festival is set to take place between September 22 and 24, with only 3141 individuals selected from those who apply through the registration form: In an urban garden spanning 4000 square meters, a historic greenhouse, and a 151-year-old heritage house, the UNFINISHED community will have the opportunity to explore unique EXPERIENCES - workshops, ateliers, social experiments - interactive CONVERSATIONS, authentic ARTISTIC MOMENTS - concerts, DJ sets, dance, theater - immersive INSTALLATIONS created by local and international artists, moments of WELLNESS - yoga, mindfulness, fitness - and the highly anticipated TASTE sessions - the renowned gatherings around the table, wine tastings, conversations by the fire.

Cristian Movilă, the founder of UNFINISHED, sends some thoughts to this community in an open letter of thanks.

Dear Community,

Without exaggeration, I am deeply moved by the incredible response we have received from people all around the world. I am grateful for your trust, curiosity, and openness to embrace the unknown.

We embarked on this journey with a simple yet ambitious vision – to create a space where diverse minds, perspectives, and disciplines converge to inspire meaningful change. Little did we anticipate the overwhelming enthusiasm with which you have embraced this concept.

The fact that hundreds of you have applied to participate in UNFINISHED, without knowing who’s coming, and what’s happening, speaks volumes about everyone’s thirst for knowledge, the openness to continuous learning, and the desire to be part of something greater than ourselves. This trust you've given us charges our batteries and shows us that what we're doing is valuable.

UNFINISHED has always stood for the power of interdisciplinarity, curiosity, and authentic connections. Your trust in us only strengthens our determination to provide a different kind of experience and a completely unique program from year to year.

Every application we have received is proof of your trust in us. It reaffirms that there are many who desire a space where diverse voices unite, where the boundaries between disciplines blur, and where new solutions for an imagined future are crafted together.

As we prepare for the eight edition of UNFINISHED, I want you to know that we are honored to have you as part of our family. Your presence, stories, and perspectives are what make UNFINISHED truly valuable. Together, we will explore uncharted territories, build lasting connections, and create a tapestry of ideas that transcends borders.

Your trust is our driving force, and your curiosity is our compass. See you soon in UNFINISHED.

With gratitude,

Cristian Movilă

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