Kazakh President in official visit to Bucharest Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev starts an official visit to Bucharest on Thursday, the Romanian Presidency has announced. His visit to Romania is part of a tour of several European Union countries including Slovakia and Hungary at a time when the EU is trying to cut down its energy dependence on Russia and looking for alternative sources of energy supplies.
Italy president: "Expelling 200,000 Romanians would be the same thing as a deportation" Expelling 200,000 Romanians from Italy would be equal to „a deportation outside any legal frame”, says the Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano, in an interview for German daily Die Zeit, quoted by Antena 3. In the interview, Napolitano says that he will not accept such a solution, not as head of state, nor in a personal name.
Brussels to involve in regulating Romania real estate credits After witnessing the ongoing real estate credit crisis in the United States, the European Union may introduce a series of obligatory rules for the way real estate credits are accepted, in order to make sure that such loans are offered in a transparent way, Reuters informs, quoting a document issued by the European Commission.Charlie McCreevy, Interior Market Commissioner, may introduce the draft next month. received the feedback of Romanian analysts.
Romanian Foreign Ministry to hire Gypsies at consulates in Italy, Spain The Romanian Foreign Ministry will hire Gypsies at the country's consulates in Italy and Spain to provide a better link between the authorities and the communities living there. The new employees will not be brought from Romania but they will be selected from Romanian communities living legally in the two countries.
Romanian diaspora in Italy claim organizational flaws in preparations for voting Romanians in Italy and San Marino are complain of the bad organization of voting polls in the two countries for Romania's first European Parliament elections due to take place this weekend. The Romanian voting station in Padova has no address or telephone number listed on the Foreign Ministry’s website.
Europe sees first natural gas line off Russian land Monday, November 18, Europe will see the opening of its first natural gas pipeline providing gas from the Caspian Sea area without crossing Russian territory. The natural gas is extracted in Azerbaijan and crosses Turkey, reaching Greece.Leaders from Greece, Turkey, USA, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Italy will attend the official opening of the project, known as the “South European Gas Ring”.
Three Italians arrested for torching Romanians’ building in Naples Three Romanian couples were one step away from being burnt alive in their own home, in a fancy Naples neigborhood. A fire broke open in the building, Il Corriere del Ticino informs in its online edition. The Romanians awoke because of the smoke and managed to get out alive, although one of them was injured.
EP prepares resolution for the Italian expelling decree The European parliament will issue on Thursday a resolution on the Italian decree allowing the expelling of EU citizens that committed crimes on Italian soil. The decree came after the alleged crime of Romanian Romulus Mailat rendered most of the public opinion hostile towards Romanians.
EC report: 200 airlines mislead clients through websites At least 200 Internet pages belonging to European airlines mislead the users, a study conducted by the European Commission informs, as quoted by the BBC. According to the document, the web pages post prices that don't include taxes and various other obligatory expenses, or "free flights" that eventually prove not to be quite "free".
30% of EU-level farming subsidies are problematic. Romania is a negative example Almost 30% of the farming subsidy requests at the European Union level for which payments were made in 2006 contained errors, a European Court of Auditors report published on Tuesday showed. The most serious issues were found in Greece for the fifth consecutive year.
Russian company Gazprom claims a third of the European market At the 20th World Energy Congress opened in Rome on Sunday, Russia presents a unitary stand for the first time. Gazprom announced in the early part of the Congress that through long term contracts it wants to cover almost a third of the European market.
German and French Foreign ministers sing for immigrants integration French Foreign minister Bernard Kouchner and his German counterpart Frank Walter Steinmeier have registered in a Berlin music studio a pop song promoting a better integration of migrants and minorities at European level. The Ministers were helped by German musicians of Turkish origin.


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