Romanian President Traian Basescu announced on Tuesday that he sent a request to the Parliament to re-examine a law approving a governmental ordinance bringing a series of changes to the Romanian criminal procedure code, saying that the resulting legislation would protect ministers and other officials against criminal inquiries and might even threaten the national security.

He said the changes to the criminal law were aimed at protecting the political clientele of Romanian parties.

He even named a series of top businessmen and top officials who would have come clean of criminal charges without a proper investigation, had he approved of the changes. His list includes current Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu, businessman Dinu Patriciu, the head of the Rompetrol oil group, former prime minister Adrian Nastase and others.

Basescu’s statements come less than a week after US Ambassador to Romania Nicholas Taubman said he was concerned about the impact the changes brought by MPs to the criminal law would have.