The Romanian and the Hungarian government held a common session on Wednesday in Sibiu, in order to discuss several problems, including the development of transport infrastructure, the free circulation and the right to work.

The session was successful, with 15 documents signed by the both sides. One of them refers to the full opening of the labor market for Romanians, starting on January 1, 2008.

Fragments of PM Tariceanu's statements after the meeting:

# We signed 15 notes, memorandums and agreements

# Hungary supports the development of the Nabucco project, considered as useful for diversifying the energy provisioning sources

# We demanded the liberalization of the Hungarian labor market

# I salute Hungary's decision, not because I want the Romanians to leave and work there, but because the free circulation of the labor force is an European principle. Romania already has a labor force deficit and the leaving of more Romanian workers is the last thing I would wish for.

# We discussed the problem of the high-speed railroad. On an European level, the railroad transport will gain terrain in front of the roads.

Fragments of PM Gyurcsany's statements:

# We may go further only through finding new solutions and avoiding past mistakes.

# We also have a thousand years history and it was interesting to hear the Hungarian national anthem in Sibiu, but under different circumstances.

# We desire the accreditation of the Sapientia university, so that it may receive financing.