Italian magazine Il Secolo XIX published a story about clues obtained by the Italian Police, indicating the existence of Al-Qaeda training camps in Romania. The information was obtained through tapping the phones of some terrorism suspects.

Responding to the information, the Romanian intelligence Service (SRI) claims that "there is no data and there were no signals to confirm the existence of Al-Qaeda training camps in Romania".

The phone tapping invoked in the article were part of a larger case, in which 20 people were arrested. The Italian Police informed that the 20 suspects were part of a network called "The Company". SRI confirms that three of the suspects were expelled from Romania.

"Ever since the end of 2002, SRI identified and actively monitored the connections in Romania of an international criminal network, with relevant terrorist aspects. Measures were taken in order to neutralize the actions that may present a threat to the national security", a SRI press release reads.

SRI mentions that the service informed several partner services, including the Italian Police, about these aspects, including the ones now presented by the media as news.