On March 14, 2000, Romanian engineer Ioan Cazacu was set on fire alive by his Italian employer. He died after more than a month of agony, on April 16. He was killed because he dared to ask his employer to sign an employment contract.

Cazacu's daughter, Florina, had a live radio intervention at the "Vivavoce" show, at Radio 24, the radio with the highest rating in Italy, asking Italians not to blame the entire Romanian people for the murder of a minority member.

With dignity, but close to weeping, Florina introduced herself: "I am the daughter of Ioan Cazacu, the Romanian set on fire by his Italian employer. Why did he set my father on fire? Because he asked to have a contract, after years of working on the black market. I lost my father when I was 17. It was difficult for us to build a new life here.

Now, 7 years later, I have a three-year old daughter. She is Romanian and I don't want to have her pointed at because of the citizenship. I didn't even blame the killer's family, how could I have blamed a nation?", asked Florina.

The studio remained silent. Florina's testimony was broadcast again on the morning news show, as a model of behavior.

The assassin was convicted for manslaughter, not murder.