The Institute for Researching Communist Crimes in Romania (IICCR) tabled a criminal complaint at the High Court of Justice and Causation (ICCJ) against the former Securitate general Nicola Plesita and other five former diplomats that activated in Romania's embassy to Bonn.

All five former diplomats - Dan Mihoc, Constantin Ciobanu, Ion Constantin, Ioan Lupu and Ion Grecu - were accused of placing or mediating the placing of explosive devices in packages sent to Romanian dissidents like Paul Goma, Nicolae Penescu and Serban Orescu.

In a press release, IICCR mentions that "the acts committed by the group consist in murder, attempted murder, non-observance of the ammunition and explosives laws, severe injuries, abuse in office, forgery of officials documents, association to commit crimes and illegal freedom deprivation".

The documents leading to the charges were obtained from the former Political Police (Securitate) archives, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), STASI (the East-Germany's political police), AVH (the Hungarian Political Police), official notes, testimonies and press articles.

Most of the documents and testimonies refer to the sending of explosive charges in 1981, the targets being three well-known anti-Communist dissidents, Paul Goma, Nicolae Penescu and Serban Orescu, as well as to the involvement in other attacks, kidnappings and assassinations.

This is the fourth criminal complaint tabled by IICCR. The first three were:

- In December 2006, against Securitate officers who recruited minors;

- In may 2007, against 210 penitentiary commandants accused of genocide;

- in August 2007, against the Securitate general Gheorghe Enoiu, accused of crimes against humanity.