Italian PM Romano Prodi launched an appeal to its citizens to avoid any xenophobic acts against Romanians, informs Italian newspaper Il Messaggero. Romano Prodi considers that a newly adopted bill providing for easier means to expel migrants is a necessary act but draws attention that thousands of Romanians work legally in Italy and law should not be abused.

Italian PM addressed a letter to Il Messaggero that the newspaper made public in its Monday edition in which the PM says that there was no need that an entire nation be judged based on the deeds of a minority.

Prodi added that he still considered Romania’s entrance in the EU a good thing. Moreover, he said that Romanians in Italy make up for the biggest minority in Italy and that there were important Italian investments in Romania.

The Italian PM said that authorities in Rome would collaborate closely with Romanian authorities to better control the borders and deal with illegal immigrants. However, he admitted that migration cannot be stopped and thus he emphasized that if well managed it can have a positive role upon the economic and social system.