The visit of Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko to Bucharest makes most of the headlines on Wednesday, although the meeting is far from producing any positive results in any of the existing problems. Even more, the Danube Delta in now officially threatened by Yushchenko's lack of understanding and indifference towards all ecologic studies put up so far.

As is problems were not important enough, president Basescu admits that terrorist activities saw some growth in Romania, caused probably by the nearing 2008 NATO summit which will be hosted by Bucharest.

Ukrainian president Yushchenko informed Romania president Basescu that the works at the Bistroe Canal are not a topic for any further discussions, given the fact that it's a "sovereign activity". In other words, Ukraine may deepen their side of the Danube Delta without considering the catastrophic effects it may have on the region's biodiversity.

In exchange, Romania president discussed the problem of the giant iron plant in Krivoi Rog, where Romania invested over 1 billion US dollars and now wishes for a solution to recover it, Gandul reads.

Or, as Jurnalul National puts it: "Prolonged meeting with zero results".

"The terrorist activities on Romanian soil intensified", Gandul informs, quoting the statements made by president Basescu after the meeting of the National Supreme Defense Council.

The situation is still under control, the president said, adding that the intensification may be caused by the nearing of the 2008 NATO summit to be hosted in Romania.

In politics, the former "PR guru" of the Social Democrat opposition (PSD), Vasile Dancu, recommended that the party cleans itself of "old dogs", referring mainly to the PSD honorary president, former Romanian president Ion Iliescu, described as a "Bolshevik remaining", Evenimentul Zilei reads.

As for the never-ending war on corruption, the firms' embezzlements and frauds are to be moved to a new category, and will be judged in civilian lawsuits instead of having criminal charges.

The amendments on the Commercial Companies Law refer to using assets and credits against the company's interests and to loans owners take from their businesses, Evenimentul Zilei informs.