Romania's former Agriculture minister Ioan Avram Muresan, involved in a major corruption scandal in Romania, said in a press conference in his home town of Baia Mare on Thursday, that his rights were not respected and that his short arrest last weekend was similar as those during the Communist period.

Muresan said that he was not informed of the reasons for his detention before he was allowed to leave shortly.

Muresan is accused of involvement in a corruption case that also involved the latest Agriculture minister of Romania, Decebal Traian Remes. Muresan is believed to have intermadiated bribe from a businessman to Remes. Remes was forced to resign on Thursday morning after footage of what is believed to be him taking bribes were broadcast on public television on Wednesday.

Muresan denied all accusations regarding his intentions to flee the country, saying that he has been working at a project in the Middle East for several months now.

Former Minister, Ioan Muresan accused the public television channel, TVR 1 for releasing the incriminating film.