The state budget law draft for the following year was adopted on Wednesday by the Romanian government and will arrive in Parliament for discussions on October 15.

“It is Romania’s development budget”, said PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu. “It meets the needs and interests of all social categories, also corresponding with Romania’s demands in its development process”.

In a press conference today, the prime minister emphasized on the fact that the 2008 budget draft doesn’t include any new taxes.

According to the draft, the consolidated budget will add up to 174.2 billion RON, some 39.6% of the gross national product. Expenses may reach some 186.2 billion RON (42.3% of the GDP). The expected deficit is 2.7% of the GDP, similar to the one in 2007.

The GDP is expected to reach some 438.6 billion RON (138 billion euros), due to an economic growth of 6.5%. The inflation level is estimated at 3.8%, with a current account deficit of 13.3%.

The Social Democrat Party already announced its intention to slam the budget draft and force the cabinet to resign.