Social Democrat honorary president and former Romania president Ion Iliescu used a press conference on Wednesday to criticize his party. Iliescu says he has all the reasons to be unhappy with his party. „I will not leave the party I founded.

Maybe some others must leave it”, said Iliescu, thus breaking the „embargo on negative comments” imposed last week by PSD head Mircea Geoana.

„I am the founding president and, for this reason, no one ever raised the issue of me leaving the party. I said that there may be some others who will be forced to leave it”, was Iliescu’s final statement.

PSD spokesman, Cristian Diaconescu, refused to comment on Iliescu’s statements, but declared that the people within the party who break interior rules make it impossible for PSD to appear like an united and coherent formation.

The PSD crisis burst open last week, when the motion to bring down the Liberal government wasn’t approved by the Parliament, some PSD members voting against it. The total number of PSD MPs who voted against would have sufficed to have the motion passed.