Romania's current Agriculture minister Decebal Traian Remes is under investigation in the same file as former Agriculture minister Ioan Avram Muresan who supposedly passed him a 15.000 euro bribe from a businessman, according to various sources. A Bucharest court decided on Sunday that Muresan be exempt from a 29-day arrest but he was given an interdiction to leave the country.

The case was built on allegations that a bribe was delivered to Muresan to press Remes into favoring businessman Gheorghe Ciorba in a public tender. Sources said over the weekend that Remes himself was believed to be the eventual reciever of the bribe.

Saturday night, former Agriculture minister Muresan was taken into custody for 24 hours under charges of complicity and bribery according to a prosecutors' press release received by

However, Bucharest judges rejected the arrest proposal of the anti-graft prosecutors but ruled that Muresan was not allowed to leave the country nor contact any person related to the case.

Current Agriculture minister, Decebal Traian Remes refused to comment on the issue.