The Permanent Boards of the two chambers of the Parliament decided on Tuesday that the debate of the censure motion submitted by the main Opposition party, the Social Democrats (PSD) against the Liberal government of Romania will be debated on Wednesday at noon. The decision was taken despite that several Social Democrats said that they would ask for a delay.

PSD leader Mircea Geoana said Tuesday he was confident that all PSD deputies and senators would vote in favor of the motion tomorrow.

His statement comes as rumors spread that not all party members would support the censure motion as some of them challenge its opportunity while others are abroad.

Other PSD leaders said that if the motion does not pass it will be the fault of the main Opposition party, the Social Democrats because it failed to unite all PSD members to follow the party line.

The motion was submitted in the Parliament last week after a long period of negotiations as the PSD tried to push its chances to see the PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu's government downed and replaced by a new coalition government that would include the PSD. Other key opposition parties said they would not consider an alliance with the PSD for the moment.