The Romanian Party in Italy received on October 1 the authorization to organize Wednesday, October 3 a protest against discriminatory treatment they say they receive in Rome and other parts of Italy. The request was approved by Italian authorities in Rome immediately.

The Romanian community in Torino is getting ready to organize a similar protest after several Italian politicians use the migration theme in their political interests.

In Rome, the protest will be organized in San Marco market, downtown Rome, right next to the City Hall.

Party president Giancarlo Germani said that other Romanians in the Italian Peninsula would organize similar protests.

The protesters will request that the Rome City Hall should make up a permanent common commission where Romanian citizens should be represented. Romanians need to be involved in declarations and decisions that concern them.

The organizers of the protest make an appeal to all Romanians near Rome to attend the protests and make their voice heard.

The decision to organize the manifestation was taken after press attacks against the Romanian community intensified. Rome’s mayor Walter Veltroni has said that 75% of the people arrested over the past several months are Romanians.