Marianne Mikko, chief of the European Union’s Moldova - EU Cooperation Commission, claims that Romania president Traian Basescu wasn’t „wise” when he made the statements about simplifying the procedures for Moldovans, in their attempt to obtain visas for Romania. For the moment, the relationship between Romania and Moldova is far from its best shape.

„I don’t think it was a good idea. For the moment, the relations between Romania and Moldova aren’t that good and I think that both parties must be cautious when they make firm statements on any concern, without thinking about the consequences.

It is a new situation for Moldova: Romania is no longer its closest neighbor, but also a member of the European Union. Romania must act like a trustworthy partner and a good member of the union. It means both countries must prove more responsibility, must respect each other and think before making any statement”, said Mikko in an interview for RFI.

After the Supreme Defense Council session on Tuesday, president Traian Basescu said that simplifying the procedures for Moldovans’ visas is a must, given Romania’s moral and political duty towards Moldova.