Gigi Becali, the owner of one of the best football teams in Romania, Steaua presented on Monday at the National National Anticorruption Department (DNA). According to internal sources, Becali was summoned regarding the privatization of the football club, FC Steaua.

President of the New Generation Party, owner of the football club Steaua, the only one in Romania to qualify for Champions League, Becali is investigated regarding some terrain acquisitions from the National Defense Ministry.

In the same file, prosecutors investigate former Minister of Defense, Victor Babiuc.

The file reached the anti-graft prosecutors at the end of 2006 after initially being instrumented by the military courts.

In 1999, when Babiuc was minister, Becali received 21 acres of land in what is now the most expensive residential area in exchange of his 21 acre lands in a near by town next to Bucharest.

The prejudice amounts to about 3 million USD.