For thousands citizens in Dolinskaia there is a new hope that Krivoi Rog factory will be finished, reads the daily Ukrainian Zerkalo Nedeli this weekend.

Krigoi Rog has the potential of becoming one of the most important factory of processing mine resources in Ukraine. All organizational processes have been dealt with and it stands clear for the opening of the factory.

The decision was taken by the government of Iuri Ehanurov. According to the decision, the Ukrainian participants are the state itself and the Russian Mettaloinvest and Ukrainian Smart-grupp.

Expert of the International Center of perspective studies, Ildar Gazizulin is confident that the factory is an advantage for Ukraine. He adds that exports will grow which will lead to a visible economic development.

Ukraine’s debt to Romania and Slovakia amounts to 600 million USD. Experts argue that the factory needs to function as soon as possible to be able to pay the debts and start exporting.