The National Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (DNA) asked the special presidential administration commission that handles politicians' files to approve the opening of a criminal file on the name of a former Defense Minister, Victor Babiuc.

In case the commission approves the move, Babiuc may be charged for accepting bribe and abuse in office "with severe consequences".

The file Babiuc is accused in also involves the head of the New Generation Party (PNG), currently credited for over 10% of the electors' choice. PNG president Gigi Becali is also the "money-man" at one of Romania's top football teams, Steaua Bucharest.

Between 1996 and 1998 and also between 1998 and 2000, the Defense Ministry and Gigi Becali have exchanged terrain lots which later proved to be much more expensive than first accounted for.

After being analyzed in military courts, the file arrived to the DNA prosecutors and currently involves both army generals and civilians.

The Finance Ministry participates in the case, demanding at least a 3 million euros compensation for the under-evaluated terrain.