Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are counted among the countries with the largest growth in labor costs in the European Union, the European statistics institute, Eurostat, informs on Wednesday. During the second quarter of the year, the labor cost in Romania had an annual growth rate of 23.4%.

In the euro currency zone, the labor costs grew in Q2 2.5%, compared to 2.3 in Q2 2006. Counting all European member states, the labor cost grew 3.2% per year.

In construction and services, the costs grew 3.3% (less than in Q1), while in industry the growth was 3.2%.

The lowest growth rate for labor costs was noted in Germany (1.2%), Sweden (2.3%) and Finland (2.6%). The top rates were in Latvia (31.7%), Romania (23,4%), Lithuania (21,6%) and Estonia (18,7%).