The Government is expected to adopt on Wednesday an emergency ordinance designed to ease the formalities for obtaining Romanian citizenship. The Citizenship Law became over night a huge controversy issue involving prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu and the former Justice Minister, Monica Macovei.

A few days ago, Tariceanu declared that the Citizenship Law was continuously postponed during the Macovei mandate and that the hundreds of thousands of demands still unsolved are Macovei's fault. Macovei responded roughly on Wednesday, calling Tariceanu a liar and Chiuariu an impostor.

Macovei claims in a statement made for that the law would have been adopted long ago, but Tariceanu never put it into discussion. The project about to be discussed simplifies the bureaucratic procedures and the replacement of Judges in the Citizenship Commission with public servants.

"The project was ready in 2006, but Tariceanu didn't want to discuss it", says Macovei. The former minister also suggests that Chiuariu assumed credits for her work and calls him "an impostor" in an official intervention.