Three Romanians were arrested in Rome after beating and robbing Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore on Friday. Two of the men are 34 and 32 respectively while the third is only 17. The incident took place in downtown Rome last week.

A city hall official said that violent incidents involving Romanians are a high concern for local authorities.

The three Romanians stopped director Tornatore in the street to ask for directions but started beating him. Tornatore suffered head injuries and woke up at the hospital with no wallet, watch and telephone.

Presently, two of the aggressors are at the Regina Coeli prison in Rome while the teenager will be sent to a specialized center.

The Italian regizor said last week that his aggressors might be Romanians, judging from their accent.

Giuseppe Tornatore is one of the most known Italian directors. Some of his best known movies are "Il Camorrista", "The Star Maker" and "Malena". In 1989, he received an Academy Award for best foreign movie with "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso".

Italians, at the end of their patience

Another two Romanians were arrested on attempt of murder after beating an Italian on August 24.

Public Safety representative of Rome city hall, Jean Leonard Touadi said that local authorities were very concerned and that even though Rome is open to foreigners, the acts of violence alarm the public opinion.