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Business man threatens to block Bucharest City Hall accounts

Marţi, 14 august 2007, 0:00

Costica Costanda, the owner of the Bordei Park, announced that he will block all the banking accounts of the City Hall if the municipality refuses to pay in 15 days his compensation sum of 17.8 million euro that he should receive for a former property, nationalized by the Communist regime, according to a Radio Total report on Tuesday.

Mayor Adriean Videanu says that, in case the bank accounts will be blocked, he will sue the General Council, the institution entitled to pay the debts.

The mayor added that the sole solution a negotiation between the leaders of the General Council, on one hand, and Costanda and his lawyer, on the other.

According to Rador, the counselors sustain that Videanu avoided any talks on the issue.

Blocking the bank accounts of the townhall implies a complex procedure that might take a couple of months. However, the bank accounts opened at the Treasury cannot be blocked.

Costanda’s lawyers already obtained the favorable rule of the judges which contains a compensation of 17.8 million euro from the General Council of Bucharest and the right to build in the Bordei Park, his property.

The scandal of the Bordei Park is more than three years old and broke out when the owner, Costanda wanted to build on the terrain. Costanda received the terrain as a tradeoff for the terrain he held on the French Neighborhood, a luxurious residential complex.

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