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Former president Iliescu, directly involved in miners' mayhem in 1990

Joi, 9 august 2007, 0:00

Ion Iliescu

Three retired generals were investigated and will be judged for their involvement in the violent events in Bucharest, between June 13 and June 15 1990. At the time, a peaceful anti-Communist demonstration turned into a bloodbath, followed by the devastation of the Bucharest University and some political parties' headquarters.
In the same file, information shows that the involvement of the former Romania president, Ion Iliescu, was as active and uncovered as possible, far from all scenarios ever put up until now.

Retired generals Mihai Chitac, Gheorghe Andrita and Dumitru Costea are indicted with participating in manslaughter and homicide, 17 years after the events they are judged for.

The file regarding former president Ion Iliescu was transferred to a civilian court, where investigations continue.

In the presentation of indictments, in the case of the three generals, prosecutors described the 1990 events, showing that the former president ordered and coordinated the actions against the anti-Communist demonstrators.

Prosecutors shown that the action plan was put up at Iliescu's order, and that Iliescu was the one who ordered the military intervention with war ammo, tanks and other forces.

The president asked the Army HQ by phone to intervene in the University Plaza, providing false information that could be used as an excuse: "Tell the Interior Ministry assistant that demonstrators put the Iron-Guardist flag on the Police HQ. Its' an iron-guardist rebellion and we'll treat it as such", said Iliescu.

Iliescu's message also indicated that demonstrators carry weapons and ammunition and that soldiers must be ready for one-on-one fights, so they should use their bayonets.

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