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50 Roma people evacuated from Dublin

Marţi, 24 iulie 2007, 0:00

Almost 50 Rroma people from Romania, living near a highway close to the Dublin airport were evacuated from the area on Tuesday, according to BBC News.

The members of the group were camping illegally since May this year and asked the Irish authorities to offer them shelter and permission to stay in Ireland.

According to Irish laws, the 50 individuals do not have the right to work and therefore, cannot stay in the country more than three months.

The Rroma community members declared that in Ireland they have better conditions than the ones in Romania. However, Romanian Embassy officials dismissed the declarations of the group.

The members of the group evacuated the camp voluntarily and were transported to public centers to receive medical assistance and care.

Afterwards, the group will be expatriated to Romania. According to the BBC website, almost 20 people remained at the camp side.

Last Saturday, the camp members received an evacuation order and have 15 days to sustain their case in front of the Justice Minister, Brian Leniha.

Ireland does not offer any social aid to individuals not even to their own citizens unless they prove they worked legally in the last couple of years.

Romanian citizens, even though EU citizens, are not allowed to work in Ireland and the maximum stay period is three months.

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