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What the newspapers say: July 24, 2007

Marţi, 24 iulie 2007, 0:00

Newspapers on Tuesday are as red as the weather alert code installed by meteorologists as temperatures today are expected to reach more than 45 degrees Celsius.

Water supplies are diminishing and companies are producing at maximum capacity since consumption rose tremendously.

And political debates are just as heated as the heat wave that hit us: the decision to acquire two "Air Force One"-style planes is now a reason of controversy between the Presidency and PM’s chancellery.

All the newspapers today focus on the red alert code warning installed by meteorologists for today. Cotidianul reads about the hot red counties in the South and the capital city that are most affected by extremely high temperatures.

The paper writes that public administration offices will be closed between 11am and 18pm due to the weather alert. Plus, the government requested military assistance today to install first aid tents with acclimatization.

The red code warning is installed in conditions of extreme temperatures in two consecutive days, reads Gandul. The newspaper informs that the measures taken for a red code warning do not exceed those already taken in the orange weather alert.

Thus, for the population the only plus of a red code warning are more press conferences and talk - shows on the subject.

Adevarul reads that the alert will cool down by tomorrow. Meteorologists announce that there is a good chance that temperatures will not exceed 38 degrees Celsius starting by tomorrow.

Evenimentul Zilei, calls Bucharest the “European capital of hotness” and talks about the effects of the high temperatures upon individuals. The newspaper informs that air temperature will reach 52 degrees Celsius in terms of real feel.

The human body can stand temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius, after which the body feels the heat as pain. Thus today not only old people or children are affected but also the young and healthy ones.

Romania Libera reads about the lack of acclimatization in hospitals as the patients are even worse now. Only some hospitals received AC systems from the Health Ministry even though the decision was taken late since it takes time to install them.

The newspaper reads about the diminishing water supply: even though producers work at maximum capacity, the water misses from the markets.

Providers cannot supply the needed quantities due to transportation restrictions in the last week: heavy trucks of 7.5 tons are not allowed on the roads during the day.

However, transportation restrictions are not the only ones impeding water supply. Companies cannot produce more then their current capacity and the demand increased tremendously.

Moreover, the consumption for 2007 is estimated at 1.2 billion liters of water as compared to the 890 million liters bottled in 2006.

The political scene is not far from controversies either. There is a renewed issue of disapproval between the Presidency and the Government. Evenimentul Zilei reads about the decision to purchase two "Air Force One"-style planes.

While the decision was first attributed to the President and gave rise to a series of heated debates, now the Presidency reveals a document signed by both the Defense Minister and Prime Minister approving the move.

The decision affects the budget allocation - a sensitive issue now that a law was passed boosting pensions considerably and the budget will cover a big part of the expenses.

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