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American journalist with Romanian roots reveals "Madamgate" scandal secrets

Luni, 23 iulie 2007, 0:00

Dan E. Moldea

Almost a decade after Monicagate scandal and the impeachment attempt against Bill Clinton, the Washingtonian political arena is shaken by another sexual scandal. Deborah Jeane Palfrey, an influent businesswoman was recently accused by the federal government of offering prostitutes for rich clients through her company, Pamela Martin and Associates. A journalist of Romanian origin, Dan E.

Moldea, a veteran of the Monicagate scandal who joined Larry Flint of Hustler fame in revealing the secrets of the new political quake across the Ocean, has spoken to about the case.

American media named Deborah Jeane Palfrey “DC Madam” as she was put under investigation by local US federal authorities. On her turn, Palfrey counterattacked, naming politicians, lawyers or military officers in DC who benefited from the company’s services.

The names that sprang out of the scandal so far are those of Ambassador Randall Tobias who has resigned from the State Department and that of Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter who publicly admitted his “serious sin of the past”.

Journalist Dan E. Moldea told that the eventual impact of the Madamgate scandal is still to be seen. He said he was working closely with Deborah Jeane Palfrey to write a book on her side of the story.

He said he left bloggers and tech addicts to continue his investigations on the names on Palfrey’s phone list - and they turned the investigation into a “form of art”. But he said he believed no name should have been revealed until the people involved were caught in a “public act of hypocrisy”.

He said he did not take advantage of Larry Flynt’s award of one million dollars for those who have information about politicians involved in illegal sexual affairs. Moldea said he was only a well paid consultant for Flynt.

Of the current George W. Bush Administration, Moldea says he believed “President Bush would be remembered as the worst president in the history of America”.

And of his collaboration with Larry Flynt, he lauded the owner of the Hustler magazine, who he views as “disgusted and tired of listening to immoral hypocrites such as Congressman David Vitter”.

Moldea is known for his books and investigations of controversial cases, such as the “The Hoffa Wars“ about Jimmy Hoffa, or “Interference” about American football and the mafia interference, or, his most famous, “The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy“.

Now, Dan E. Moldea works as a consultant for Larry Flynt, Hustler’s owner, to reveal the secrets of the Madamgate scandal.

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