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Romania sees over 50 degrees Centigrade in heat wave yet far from climax

Miercuri, 18 iulie 2007, 0:00

Romania is hit by the second heat wave this year with official temperatures over 36 degrees Centigrade, meaning some 50 degrees in real terms on the streets of Bucharest. Two people died because of the heat on Tuesday in the Eastern region of Galati, taking the toll to 34 victims since the first heat wave in June.
"36 degrees is something one may be pleased with only if working in statistics or meteorology. For the people in the street, the reality differs... by some 14 degrees", reads.

Covering a story about the heat wave, the reporters found over 50 degrees Centigrade in front of the Government's Palace and 43 degrees in the shadow across the street. Bus ticket booths, where employees get only 2 liter of water per day (which boils after the first hour), are at a mere 42 degrees.

The weather continues to worsen, even higher temperatures being expected during the following days. A red code warning is possible, news say, but for the moment only the orange code was instated in 21 counties (roughly half of Romania).

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