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Romania melts at 38 degrees Celsius

Marţi, 17 iulie 2007, 0:00

Starting with Tuesday afternoon and ending on Sunday (July 22) Romania faces excessively high and persisting temperatures, meteorologists announce.

On Tuesday, meteorologists install a yellow code warning in the whole country. Today and tomorrow, air temperatures will rise at 38 degrees in most counties in south, east and west Romania.

In Bucharest, temperatures will be high, the wind mild and temperatures will reach 37 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists on Monday set an orange code warning for July 19-20 in most of the counties, including the capital city as air temperature will get to 39-40 degrees Celsius.

Due to high temperature, trains will slow down by 20-30 km/h as compared to their normal set speed on the tracks, according to the Transportation Ministry.

Moreover, on Tuesday, cars over 7 tons will not be allowed to use roads between 10am and 8pm with few exceptions.

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