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65% of Romanians trust the European Union

Miercuri, 11 iulie 2007, 0:00

Six months after the accession, the level of trust Romanian have in the European Union and its institutions still reaches 65%, the Eurobarometer National Report for Spring 2007 indicates.
The satisfaction degree with regard to the everyday life also is above the European average, with 43% of the respondents feeling "satisfied" on a short term and 57% on a medium term.

Still, Romanians rank the third in the lack of trust in their government (72%), behind Poland (76%) and Latvia (75%). A previous record was held by Croatia, with 78%.

The trust in the Parliament, compared to the 15-states European Union is a mile far: 19%, compared to a 49% average in the older EU states.

As for the benefits brought by belonging to the EU, some 60% of the European citizens believe that their country was advantaged by being a part of the Union, the degree of optimistic prognosis depending on the accession wave.

The most content people, when it comes to being an European state, are the Greeks, the Spanish and the Portuguese (74%), followed by the 2004 accession wave (69%) and new coming Romanians and Bulgarians (64%).

Most Romanians worry about the economic development (44%), health system (27%), prices and inflation (27%).

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