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7% of Romanian Professors admit taking bribes

Marţi, 10 iulie 2007, 0:00

Romanian Soros Foundation published on Tuesday a study on the Romanian university education system. According to the data gathered in the study, 7% of all Romanian university professors admit taking bribes while two out of ten students complain that Professors asked and expected gifts, money or services.

The research also shows that 70% of the professors consider that the Romanian education system is as good as the one in Western Europe while only 59% of the students agree with this point of view.

22% of all Romanian students declare that they were asked by university staff for gifts, money or services and 13% of them admit giving bribes.

On the other hand, 23% of Romanian professors declare they were offered money, gifts or services to favor a student and 7% of them admit accepting them.

As one of Romania's "given" flaws, it is generally acknowledged that the money allocated for education is scarce and by far satisfactory for professors. Teachers in all forms of education repeatedly went on strike during the past 15 ywars, asking for decent wages.

High school teachers earn some 250-300 euros per month, while university teachers may climb up to some 500 euros, still in the "qualified construction worker" category, if not less.

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