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PM on hold in discrimination accusations

Marţi, 10 iulie 2007, 0:00

The president of the National Council Against Discrimination (NCAD), Csaba Asztalos declared on Tuesday that the decision regarding a recent accusation against Romanian PM, Tariceanu, was postponed. Tariceanu is accused of discrimination against Asociatia Romani Cris who previously called NCAD to sanction the President.

The accusations against Tariceanu came after he declared, in a press conference in Brasov on June 30 that he will ask the Internal Ministry to send Romanian police forces in Italy. The team would aid their counterparts in finding and repatriating the Roma community members accused of stealing, robbing and drug-smuggling.

According to Csaba Asztalos, the PMs judicial counsellor added at the existing file both the audio and the transcript of the speech. Moreover, he asked for more time to deliver the written conclusions.

Therefore, the Council rescheduled the meeting on July 17.

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