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Late Romanian actor Caragiu's niece publishes fashion magazines in New York

Joi, 5 iulie 2007, 0:00

Brandusa Niro

Brandusa Niro, the niece of Toma Caragiu, one of Romania's greatest actors ever, is a successful business woman in the land of all possibilities. In an interview for, Brandusa talks about her experience and her past which lead her where she is today.

Leaving Romania more than 25 years ago, as her uncle died, she worked in Paris and Canada before getting in the States where she now publishes fashion magazines.

She remember with great delight, in the Communist period when her uncle, Toma Caragiu, used to bring her fashion magazines such as Vogue or The New Yorker from the US Embassy in Bucharest. He remembers him as a man full of passion and exuberance.

Brandusa was the one who set up the ‘fashion news’ concept, never heard of before. Her success was tremendous and now, her voice is heard in the entire industry.

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