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5.92% of Rompetrol Well Service sold for 3.5 million euros

Miercuri, 4 iulie 2007, 0:00

Stock representing 5.92% of the entire capital at the Rompetrol Well Service oil company was sold on Wednesday at the Bucharest Stock Exchange through four special transactions on the "Deal" market. The total value of the transactions added up 11 million RON, meaning some 3.5 million euros.

The 5.5 million Rompetrol Well Service shares we sold for 2.01 RON per share, 12.23% less than the quote at the end of today's session.

In June, the Rompetrol Group sold 13.4% of the capital at Rompetrol Well Services for 26.02 million RON, decreasing its participation from 70.40% to 56.91%.

Rompetrol Group NV is a multinational oil company headquartered in Amsterdam (Holland), controlled by the Romanian Liberal businessman Dinu Patriciu.

Rompetrol Well Services conducts special operations for oil and gas extraction facilities.

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