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Romanian diplomats in the UK use immunity to avoid crime penalties

Miercuri, 4 iulie 2007, 0:00

Employees of the Romanian Embassy to UK are listed among the foreign citizens who committed crimes on the British soil but can not be judged according to the local laws, The Daily Mirror reads.

The newspaper quotes public data at the UK Foreign Ministry, according to which several diplomats used their immunity status to avoid being judged for crimes like the rape, robbery, assault and drug dealing.

The British journalists say that, according to the list, the most "undisciplined" diplomats are in the Saudi Arabia embassy, some of them being expelled from the country for crimes like sexually aggression over a minor, domestic violence and drug dealing.

A Mexican diplomat used his immunity to avoid rape charges. Two South-Africans were accused of robbery and attempted robbery. Other diplomats on the list represent Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, Kuwait, Italy, Mongolia, Romania, Angola, Cameroon, Ukraine and Rwanda.

UpdateA House of Commons release, only one Romanian diplomat used his immunity to avoid penalties, being accused of shoplifting, in 1999.

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