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What the newspapers say: July 4, 2007

Miercuri, 4 iulie 2007, 0:00

On the American "birthday", it seems that Romania may do anything else but party. Heavy storms are expected to hit the entire country, while the drought may lead to the closing of Romania's only atomic plant. Even so, politics never cease to amaze the populace: PM Tariceanu starts talking about his resignation out of the blue, while president Basescu suddenly finds flaws in the pensions system.

One of Romania's most appreciated figures in the anti-graft campaign, former Justice Minister Monica Macovei, became the anti-corruption counselor of the Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, Evenimentul Zilei reads.
Macovei was enthusiastically received: "We expect serious results from Monica Macovei”, said the Interior Minister, Gordana Jankulovska. The Macedonian government mainly expects Macovei to improve the relationship between the country and the European Union.

In Romania, a new alert, besides the yellow code for heavy storms, threatens to install: the Cernavoda atomic plant is so affected by drought that it may close for a while, at least until the Danube level is enough to cool down its reactors, Gandul reads.

Gandul notes that, completely out of the blue, Prime Minister Tariceanu started to talk about his resignation on Tuesday. "I would never compromise, when it comes to the 16% flat tax level. I may even resign in case someone tries to change it... I may also resign for some political reasons...

I can't give you an example now", said Tariceanu, as quoted by Gandul.

Well, one of the political reasons for his potential resignation is the fact that Tariceanu is the subject of an official discrimination complaint, from Roma's main NGO, Romani Criss.
The representatives of the organization say that they are unhappy with Tariceanu's recent statement about "sending teams of policemen to help Italian authorities catch and send back home Gypsies who commit crimes in Rome", Cotidianul reads.

President Basescu also made some quite unexpected statements on Tuesday, while attending his first TV show after the suspension referendum. This time, Basescu accused "mob-like groups of interests", journalists who "would die of hunger without politicians", the "Government who lacks a vision", but also a major bluff to be expected in the pensions area.

According to Basescu, the idea to increase pensions has no other ground than the 2008 elections: "I don't say that I won't promulgate the law, (...) but the Pensions Fund may be in complete collapse in two years", said Basescu, quoted by Jurnalul National.

Well, speaking about the Government's "lack of vision", an old subject was revived in the Wednesday newspapers: after about one entire year of negotiating with the European Union, the car registration tax still fails to reach an acceptable form, Cotidianul reads.

"The tax is no longer discriminatory, but the representatives of the European Commission are still unhappy with regulations regarding the age of the car and the 20 year absorption period suggested in the Romanian law, instead of the 12 years in the European Union and so on. Well, there is still time...

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