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Romania to confront catastrophic drought in September

Luni, 25 iunie 2007, 0:00

Romania in September this year will confront its most severe drought ever registered as last years’ precipitations for the same period were the lowest in history, declared Ion Sandu, the director of the National Administration of Meteorology - ANM, quoted by NewsIn.

Sandu added that forecasts reveal that the drought would be severe in the summer months of July-August and it would become catastrophic in September.

Plus, meteorologists warn that violent storms will hit Romania and the precipitations will decrease in the regions where drought is already installed. Most affected regions will be those in South, South-East and West.

According to the data received from ANM last week, the humidity reserve from North-West and Central Romania is moderated while in the South and South-East and East are characterized by severe drought.

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