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EU Summit: Leaders fail to agree on European Constitution

Vineri, 22 iunie 2007, 0:00

The European Council continues to be divided by severe disagreements between the European leaders. The session of the Council ended at noon, with the head of states failing to find any solution to end the crisis.

French president Sarkozy, assisted by the Lithuanian leader Valdas Adamkus, met a Polish delegation, but didn't reach any conclusion.

Poland excludes any compromise solution on the way the votes count in the European Council, firmly rejecting the "double majority".

European MP Graham Watson believes that "The politics in Poland are run by the hate against Germany, not by European interests. Probably, the UK and Poland, along with some other states, will block the way towards any understanding".

UK refuses to accept a Foreign Minister able to decide for the 27 states. London also refuses to accept the "Fundamental Rights Chart".

The only point where the delegations agreed was to change the name of "European Constitution" with 'The New Treaty".

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