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A new blog campaign: Spam for trees!

Vineri, 15 iunie 2007, 0:00

"On every forum, on every public article or blog comment, write Greenspam! Use greenspam as username. Link the articles!" This is how a new ecological campaign, put up by three journalists, begins.
"Life and accordions", Blogurest and Balkan Express are just three of the blogs angry with the mayors, companies or individuals who declared war on trees in Bucharest. talked to the main "guilty parties" to see how it has all begun.

The first was Emil Neacsu, who took pictures of bulldozers digging near the trees' roots. The pictures were posted on

An accomplice tells how he felt suffocating during the evening in Bucharest, given the lack of oxygen sources.

Mihai Morar's "Life and accordions" reads that the blogo-sphere reacted naturally, faster than the media and the ecology-related NGOs, but the things will go nowhere without media support.

Mihai Morar claims that he has already lots of signals indicating that people begun to post "greenspams", still officials failed to answer any of his questions.

Mayors' e-mail addresses" (Dan Cezar Ionescu) (Directia Urbanism si Gestionarea Teritoriului) - Sebastian Stan, Directia Comunicare
(site-ul primariei sectorului 6 traieste inca inainte de 1995 - doar telefoane)


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