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PM writes to President Basescu

Joi, 7 iunie 2007, 0:00

Prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu sent an open letter to president Basescu, accusing him of creating the political instability environment in Romania.
"I sadly noticed how, pretending to organize negotiations with the political parties so that the political crisis you caused would be ended, you have in fact created more chaos and instability", the letter reads.

"Although it's not difficult for me to understand the reasons you waste so much energy in unbalancing the political parties, I still can't understand the total lack of understanding you have in promoting the real interests of Romania.

In 2004 I promised the Romanians they will live better and I believed in this promise.

We, the members of the Liberal Party, fulfilled the promise we made to millions of Romanians who voted for us. The economic growth and the steady improvement of the everyday living standards are a reality and are a merit of the Romanian Government", the letter reads.

PM Tariceanu also explains why he won't lead the Liberal delegation that will discuss with president Basescu on June 8: "I will not be part of this political game based on lies and misinforming

(...) The way you pursue your political ambitions as president of Romania brings nothing good for Romanians. It is just an episode in a petty intrigue designed to satisfy your craving for power", Tariceanu says.

In the end, Tariceanu tells about the way he educates his child, telling him "be careful what you do! If you can't do something good, stay in your place!"

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