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What the newspapers say: June 7, 2007

Joi, 7 iunie 2007, 0:00

Without any major breakthrough in politics, most newspapers try today to analyze the evolution of negotiations after the May 19 referendum, simply to find out that almost any alliance is possible. Still, Liberals, Social Democrats and Democrats don't seem to have any intention to reach an agreement.
After the visits made by the US ambassador, Nicholas Taubman, to the main parties, it's the turn of an European official to express his concern on the never-ending political crisis.

"Tariceanu under siege" is the headline in Evenimentul Zilei, where two scenarios for a government without Tariceanu are discussed.

According to the paper, three major decisions are expected during the following days: Liberals (PNL) to give up prime minister Tariceanu and form a new cabinet with the Democrats (PD) and the Liberal Democrats (PLD); Social Democrats (PSD) to get rid of Tariceanu through their parliamentarian motion and win the right the have a prime minister they agree with or, the third choice, to have the

Liberals still supporting Tariceanu, which would be an invitation for Basescu and the PSD to for a new government.

Evenimentul Zilei also reminds that the PSD head, Mircea Geoana, met twice with president Basescu and once with PM Tariceanu, but without any visible results. Among with other PSD leaders, Geoana seem to prepare to participate in the future government but the general attitude within the party, dictated by the "party elders", is to stay in the Opposition.

Meanwhile, PM Tariceanu makes risky statements, publicly declaring that his cabinet "will survive", according to the same Evenimentul Zilei. Liberal sources claim that there are signals about some support Tariceanu may gain from Mircea Geoana, after the two met on Wednesday.

One problem is the collaboration protocol Geoana demanded from both Basescu and Tariceanu, being refused by both of them. However, ministerial seats may be made available for the PSD in case Geoana decides to support Tariceanu.

Outside the power circle, Liberals decided in a party meeting not to accept to collaborate with the PSD, given the bad image the decision would bring. On the other hand, Liberals also refuse to negotiate anything with president Traian Basescu, Evenimentul Zilei reminds.

Since they are at war with everyone, Liberals also made some rough statements addressed to the US ambassador to Bucharest, Nicholas Taubman, who paid a visit on Monday to Social Democrats and Democrats.

"Romania isn't an American protectorate!", exclaimed Liberal vice president Puiu Hasotti, considering the gesture as inappropriate, according to Cotidianul.

Both PSD and PD consider the visit as a normal initiative, although they refuse to unveil any details about the visit.

The best way to describe the politics was found by Gandul, which quotes one of the politicians involved in the negotiations: "We dance like the snakes. We all move, no one knows towards what", was the shockingly honest statement.

All the political uncertainty affects Romania's image, everyone agrees. But it is now the turn of Terry Davis, Secretary General of the European Council to admit it.

In an exclusive interview for Jurnalul National, Davis also mentions that the European institutions are aware of numerous human rights breakings in Romania, although not as critical as in Turkey or the Caucasians.

"Romania's activity in the European Council isn't affected in any way by the political arguments, but it is obvious that these quarrels don't help its image at all", said Davis.

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