The prefect of the Romanian county of Cluj has announced he would chack the retrocession cases involving properties in the villages of Jocu and Apahida, situated close to the 150 hectare-wide property where a Nokia Village will be built. According to Prefect Alin Tise, every bit of land around the future Nokia Village are currently subject of retrocession claims.

The retrocession process involves the return of real estate properties confiscated by the state under the late communist regime to their former owners.

According to Tise, several property titles from the two villages named above have landed on his table suggesting a series of shady deals. Suspicion arose when it was found that local officials have suggested that some retrocession cases take place despite they had signed statements several months ago saying that no land is left for retrocession in the area of the two villages.

Land prices has been spiraling in the region with some areas costing ten times as much now compared to what they used to cost before Nokia announced it would buy a major industrial park in the Jucu area - the so-called Nokia Village.