Romanian director Cristian Mungiu who won the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes film festival on Sunday is now accused by a Romanian writer of plagiarism. Writer Dan Mihu accuses Mungiu of copying the idea that forms the basis for the film “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days”, which tells the story of a young Romanian woman trying to abort illegally in communist Romania.

Writer Mihu had a similar subject enlisted in a screenplay contest organized by HBO Romania last year, where Mungiu was part of the jury and which Mihu managed to win.

Neither Mungiu nor his roducer could be reached by to answer the accusation on Monday.

Contacted by, Mihu says the possibility of an unfortunate coincidence was almost nil. “It’s quite improbable that the subject be dealt with by two men simultaneously, given that it’s a theme that women would understand more easily”, Mihu said.

“I know I’ll be seen as frustrated but I want to make my opinion public”, he said, adding that a more appropriate attitude from Mungiu’s part would have been to contact him to takeover ideas from the screenplay or even develop the film together.

According to Mihu, one common element for the two movies is the image of an abortion abandoned in a bathtub. insistently tried to reach Cristian Mungiu and film producer Dan Burlac for comment throughout the day on Monday, but it could not get in contact with them so far.