The referendum on Saturday and the GT race in downtown Bucharest managed to make most of the news on Friday. Already sure that president Basescu's dismissal will fail, politicians start to make plans for what is about to come.

Already, six parliamentarians from the parties that suspended wrote an open letter, calling for a truce. Still Basescu expects either apologies or resignations.

In his last day of campaigning, suspended president Traian Basescu announced that the 322 parliamentarians who voted for his suspension should "recognize the electors' vote and assume, along with the president, the priorities announced during the campaign".

"Public apologies or resignations" are the only choices Basescu sees for the 322 dignitaries, according to Jurnalul National.

Six parliamentarians - three Conservatives, two Social - Democrats and a Liberal - already admitted they "made a mistake by accepting the game of other people's interests", Cotidianul reads.

Still, the Opposition didn't quit as sudden as some expected. Social Democrats and far right Great Romania supporters organized a common demonstration, trying to prove their massive popular support. Only 10 to 15 thousand people, out of the expected 50,000 were mobilized for the meeting, Gandul reads.

Liberals aren't too happy either. An analysis published by Gandul shows that most of their plans for the month when Basescu was suspended crumbled to dust due to Social Democrat's (PSD) pressure.

Their attempt to take away some of Basescu's attributions or even dismiss his failed. The national security laws were modified the way PSD decided. The National Integrity Agency was voted for, but in a form that brings no satisfaction whatsoever to any of the parties involved.

"The 30-day war was suspended" is the headline in Cotidianul, where an inventory of the expressions used during the campaign makes it to the front page. "Pink rat", "oligarch", "stinking drunk" or "dictator" were just a few of the "political attitudes" that defined this campaign, according to the newspaper.

The Media Monitoring Agency didn't count the curses, but the sensational news. The conclusion was that all commercial TV stations prefer the infotainment news to the "true news", politics ranking 7th as importance at ProTV and 3rd at Antena 1, Evenimentul Zilei.

In other news:

- Gandul: The Justice Minister will no longer suggest names for Prosecution Offices heads, according to a Senate draft.

- Evenimentul Zilei" Gas stations will provide financial services, customers being enabled to pay here their bank rates of bills.

- Gandul: Construction companies that fail to keep up with the contract deadlines will lose points in future bids. Even giant Bechtel, in charge with the "Transylvania Highway" may soon see severe penalties.

- Gandul: Romania may adopt the euro as national currency earlier than 2014, in case the economic growth "has substance", said the Central Bank (BNR) Governor, Mugur Isarescu.

- Jurnalul National: Romanian movie director Cristian Mungiu wins the hearts of journalists at Cannes, with his latest work, "4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days".

- Jurnalul National: Bucharest Challenge 2007, the FIA GT stage, begins on Friday, 20,000 tickets were sold, out of the available 70,000.