“The present suspended president is a former member of the Communist Party, a man who profited from the Communist era, a member of the National Salvation Front in the '90s who fled along with his party, but staying in the same left side of politics, and now he made a nice turn, declaring his party as ", said prime minister Tariceanu on Wednesday, in an interview for Radio Free Europe.

Continuing his attack, Tariceanu blamed Basescu for the ongoing political crisis: "There are people who lack the political knowledge necessary to practice the presidential attributions.

By not assuming the correct constitutional role, Basescu led Romania into a political crisis that was solved through suspending the president and organizing the referendum".

Tariceanu decaled himself in favor of modifying the Constitution so that Romania would become a Parliamentarian republic.

"The Constitution should be much more precise and follow the European model, which is basically a parliamentarian model. The head of state is symbolic, he doesn't have an executive position", said Tariceanu.