The head of the Justice Ministry Control Body, Paul Dumitriu, has been dismissed. Dumitriu had been informed by an aide of Justice Ministry Tudor Chiuariu as early as Monday that he’s dismissed, without any explanation for the decision. Paul Dumitriu told on Thursday that he had lost his right to sign official documents three days before.

Manuel Humulescu, a prosecutor working for the Bacau branch of the National Anti-corruption Department was named to replace Dumitriu at the helm of the Control Body.

Dumitriu told that the decision to have him removed from office came after he submitted to the Justice minister’s office a documentation on serious irregularities occurred when vacancies were available at the National Administration of Penitentiaries.

“I was given no answer and the minister told me via a counselor that we cannot take the place of criminal bodies”, Dumitriu said.

A Justice Ministry press release said the decision to remove Dumitriu from office was made after a “precariousness of control documents put up under the management of Mr. Dumitriu” was found.