Romanians in Italy have identified 13 possible new locations that may host polling booths for the May 19 referendum when Romanians decide whether to remove suspended President Traian Basescu from office or not. The list of the locations was submitted to the Romanian Embassy to Rome.

For their part, a group of Romanians in France have informed Romanian authorities they would volunteer to provide the proper conditions for the referendum there.

The announcements came as Romanian authorities have decided to set up very few voting centers in countries with large Romanian communities such as Italy and France. Their argument was that there was too little time and too little means to establish supplementary voting centers.

The Romanian government in Bucharest is formed mostly of Liberals, who have joined the opposition in calling the referendum to remove President Traian Basescu from office.

The 13 supplementary locations identified in Italy are in Rome, Turin, Ivrea, Ladispoli, Riano, Civitavecchia, Recanati, Macerata, Ancona, Naples, Udine and Mogliano Veneto.