Romania’s suspended President Traian Basescu urged his political opponents on Tuesday to explain to him what articles of the Constitution he breached that had them vote for his suspension in the Parliament in April. He made the statement during a meeting with representatives of the civil society at the headquarters of the Group for Social Dialogue NGO in Bucharest.

Faced with a May 19 referendum convoked by the Parliament to have him removed from office, he said he was disappointed by political parties today. And he said “it is absolutely necessary to create a right-wing party to coagulate the votes of the Right”.

He said he was most disappointed by the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR), whom he believed to be “vertical political men”. Most UDMR MPs voted for his suspension in April.

He said his political opponents in the government and in the opposition have been trying to remove all those who meddle with their own interests from the political stage in a two-phase maneuver. The first phase was to remove reform-minded Justice minister Monica Macovei from the Government, then himself from the Presidency, he said.