An unexpectedly relaxed environment waits for the week-end tourists upon their return from the May Day short vacation. Even the political stage, with its upcoming referendum for president Basescu's suspension, barely makes it to the headlines, and only because Basescu is the first president to go campaigning in Spain.

Suspended president Traian Basescu will participate in the meetings Romanians organize on May 5 in Madrid and Castellon, in order to convince the Romanian workers to vote against his suspension, Evenimentul Zilei and a few other newspapers read.

Meanwhile, the interim president, Nicolae Vacaroiu, meets the ambassadors of NATO and EU states, in order to ensure them that the political crisis in Romania will not affect the ongoing reforms, same Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Everything is politics, one might say, after the May Day party on Tuesday turned into a Social Democrat campaign event, gathering thousands of Bucharest citizens in a park with free beer, free grilled spicy meat rolls and free t-shirts and baseball hats.

The Social Democrat head, Mircea Geoana, even dedicated this Labor Day to the girl who dies because she worked too much, Raluca Stroescu, Gandul reads.

It could be the grill smoke, it could be the ancient equipment in industry, the fact is that Romania ranked 40th in the top 50 most polluting countries, far behind USA, China, India or Russia, but double than Belarus, same Gandul found out.

Returning to Geoana, Romania Libera finds that the PSD head fears Hitler and the civil war that, he says, threatens Romania. Other details, including the fact that he's a dog (in the Chinese zodiac), were found on Geoana's personal blog.

For those who remember what it was like during the PSD government in Romania, things haven't changed a lot: the Romanian press is still "partially free", according to a Freedom House study published on Tuesday. Romania ranked 96th worldwide, after an year that saw the press freedom degrees dropping all over the world, Gandul informs.

Also about pollution: the Bucharest City Hall will invest some 20 million euros in order to update the equipment in its mobile pollution control laboratory and to put up an information system for air quality management, Gandul reads.

In other news:

- Jurnalul National: 44% of Romanians work during the weekend. Romanians apply rather for renowned companies and try to negotiate their income as well as possible, even if they must work in their free days for extra money.

- Cotidianul: Erste aims at 350 million euros profits from the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), 40% than in 2006. BCR was the last and most important acquisition Erste made during the past few years.

- Romania Libera: Highways manage to bring to attention forgotten small towns. After being ignored for 15 years, the new infrastructure projects make the cities along the future highways attractive for greenfield investments.

- Cotidianul: Romanian football star Adrian Mutu lost the first stage of his controversy with Chelsea. The official verdict, expected next week, will be that Chelsea may sue Mutu for 12 million euros, even though the club was the one dismissing the player after he tested positive for illegal substances.