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Govt. prepares electoral bribes, gifts and incentives

Vineri, 27 aprilie 2007, 0:00

The Government prepares a series of fiscal initiatives, all designed to gain popularity. The car tax will decrease, while still being discriminating. People who lost money in a national bank while saving to buy a car in 1990 will receive compensations. Most unexpected, youngsters gaining less than the average income may receive some 50% subsidize in order to pay their rent.

Compensations for those who lost their car money due to the explosive inflation rate in the early '90s will reach some 35,000 people, all scheduled to receive some 3,500 euros.

The expected rent laws will not apply only for people under 35 with low income, but also to those who chose to let them the apartments. Landlords will pay 50% less taxes in case their tenants are students and youngsters.

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